About JSC "Sportine Aviacija ir Ko"

The Company was founded in 1969. For over 35 years the Company has designed and manufactured highest quality gliders. In the course of its history the Company designed, tested and produced 20 different types and modifications of gliders and motor-gliders.

More than 400 company's products-different types of LAK (LAK- Lithuanian aviation construction) gliders- successfully fly in 30 countries.

During period of 40 years, in our company has grown a generation of highly skilled specialists.

The first high performance glider BK.-7 "Lietuva" took-off in 1972. Since then many other aviation projects were developed and manufactured best known of which are Open class glider LAK-12; 15-18m class glider LAK-17a, Standard class gliders Genesis 2 and LAK-19; self- sustaining gliders LAK-17AT and LAK-19T; primary training glider LAK-16, open class ships LAK-20T and LAK-20M.

Thanks to hard work, we have projected and started the serial production of the best world's glider LAK-17a FAI 15-18 meter class and FAI standard class glider LAK-19.

In 2002, we launched a new record open class glider, LAK-20 (two-seater version), and at the same time we are preparing a turbo moto version of this glider as well.

We hold the Certificate issued by the Lithuanian Civil Aviation Authority, which grants the right to perform production of sailplanes, self-launching sailplanes as well as related products and parts. We are producing trailers for glider transportation, and our designing department enables us to design any kind of gliders, motorized gliders or even general aviation aeroplanes.

LAK gliders are worldwide type certified, not only in Lithuania, today we have type certificates for our gliders in EASA, CAR, and other countries.

Apart from building gliders, the factory has capacities to develop a large variety of aviation or non-aviation composite structures and constructions. Our own testing facility can be employed for comprehensive analysis of our projects and as a complimentary service for our customers as well. For these purposes the factory has its own strength test laboratory.