The LAK - 19 is a standard class sailplane designed and certified to the JAR - 22 category "U" specifications. It is a midwing glider without flaps, T - tail, retractable main landing gear with the shock absorber, pneumatic tail wheel and is capable of carrying 180ltr water ballast.

LAK-19 sailplane is made of hybrid composite materials such as kevlar, carbon, glass fibre. The wing spar is made of modern carbon rods GRAPHLITE SM315 and has a double T section. The weight of each wing panel is about 55 kg. The airbrakes are situated in upper surfaces only. The wing airfoil is LAP 92 - 130/15 and it passes into the LAP 92 - 150/15 in the tip.

The cockpit construction is monocoque . The manually contoured seat pan and an adjustable seat back together with optimally arranged control elements offer notable comfort on long flights. The one piece Mecaplex canopy hinges forward. On the left side there is a sliding window with ventilation scoop. The instrument panel lifts up together with the canopy.

The retractable landing gear has a 350x15 mm tire and shock absorber. The mechanical main wheel brake is actuated by a handle on the control stick. The rudder pedals are adjustable in flight. All controls, including the water ballast system, hook up automatically. The tow release is mounted near the main landing gear and permdits winch as well as aerotow take off. The wings incorporate fork - type spar roots joined with two pins.

The T-tail (fixed stabilizer with elevator) provides stable and responsive pitch characteristics. The elevator hooks up automatically during assembly. The glider is fitted with a fin ballast tank (capacity 7ltr) in order to compensate the nose-heavy moment created by the high ballast loads in the wings tanks. The fin ballast tank is jettisonable in flight. The water ballast is filled in, and emptied out through the holes at the bottom of the wings. The VHF antenna is mounted in the vertical fin.

Warranty 24 months or 200 flight hours whatever comes first.
LAK-19 Drawing

Wing span, m 15 18
Wing area, m2 9,06 9,8
Wing aspect ratio 24,83 33
Fuselage length, m 6,53 6,53
Height, m 1,29 1,29
Empty mass approx. kg 220 226
Max. gross weight, kg 453 453
Max. wing loading, kg/m2 50 46,2
Min. wing loading, kg/m2 31,5 30,1
Max. speed in calm air, km/h 275 275
Max. speed in rough air, km/h 215 205
Min. sink rate m/s 0,53 0,48
Best L/D without ballast at 95 km/h 44 49
Best L/D with ballast at 115 km/h 45 50
G limits without ballast +7,2/ -3.6 +7,2/ -3.6
G limits with ballast +5,3/ -2,7 +5,3/ -2,7


  • Polyurethane or epoxy paint
  • Nose or C.G. safety release TOST G-88 (TOST, Germany)
  • Inspection windows on fuselage (1pc) and on wings' bottom (6pcs)
  • Canopy + sliding window with air scoop (MECAPLEX, Switzerland)
  • Safety harness with four point buckle (SCHROTH, Germany)
  • Inflatable tail wheel
  • Water ballast in the wings, 180 liters
  • Fin ballast tank jettison-able in flight
  • The wings and tail ballast tanks' control by one handle or by separate handles
  • Automatic hook ups for all controls and the water ballast system
  • VHF antenna in tail fin
  • Blank instrument panel
  • Seat, cushion, head rest
  • Flight and maintenance manuals, log-book, weight and balance report
  • Bill of Sale
  • Improved cockpit interior
  • Water ballast filling equipment
  • Canopy fabric cover
  • Total energy tube


  • Prepared for SSE (Self sustaining engine) SOLO 2350B installation
  • SSE SOLO 2350B, complete unit
  • Winglets for 15m version
  • Wing extensions till 18m
  • Wing extensions till 18m with the winglets
  • Wing tip wheels instead of the skids
  • Acrylic paint
  • One-man rigging system
  • Additional nose or C.G. safety release TOST G-88 (TOST, Germany)
  • Push-to-talk button
  • Three batteries NP2.1-12 (12V, 2.1Ah) in vertical tail fin container
  • One battery NP7-12 (12V, 7Ah) in the luggage
  • Additional blank instrument panel
  • Instrument panel cutting out for the instruments
  • Instrument panel cutting out for the instruments and basic instruments’ installation
  • Tail dolly
  • Wing dolly
  • Glider towing arm, foldable
  • Wing stands
  • Provision for installation of an oxygen system. For "M", "E" and "C" (AEROX) type cylinders. Without the brackets
  • Tinted canopy (blue, green)
  • All glider fabric covers
  • Control surfaces' gaps seals, Mylar seals and 3-D-turbolators
  • Teflon tapes under seals (STREIFENEDER, Germany)
  • Anti collision color painting (make sketch please)
  • Registration signs: Self-adhesive film OR Painted
  • Competition signs: Self-adhesive film OR Painted
  • Export certificate of airworthiness
  • Certificate of non-registration in Lithuanian Republic
  • Certificate of origin (EUR.1 or Form A)
  • Glider’s loading and fastening in 40 feet sea container (When glider is ordered without trailer)
  • Trailer loading and fastening in 40 feet sea container
  • Trailer with the glider delivery to Klaipeda port for RO-RO shipment