Parts and accessories

Propeller LAK-P8

2011, the company has designed and launched a new product, the propeller LAK-P8. Propeller is with three blades, movable step in on the ground, designed for 80-120PS power. Strength characteristics of the CS J-22 requirements. Complete with shoulder stretch test. Composite blades are fully jointed with metal attachment. Their interior is filled with composite core (LAK-technology firms). Two hub parts made of aluminum 2024-T3.

Technical Data

Propeller diameter - 1.73 m
Maximum speed - 2500aps/min
Weight approx - 4kg
Blade tip protection, metal, composite, or special film M3 (by request)
Propeller mounting is with M8 bolts in 75mm or 101.6 mm diameter
Currently produced in rotation direction is left
Propeller blade is equipped with a displaying device

 Propeller LAK-P8  

Skis for gyroplanes & light aircrafts

The skis are made using the latest technique in fiberglass. They have a clean aerodynamic design, are easy to attach and detach from your aircraft. Skis are tested on different snow and flight conditions.


Light and strong material – fibre glass and certified for aviation epoxy resin;
Fitting set included (according to your specifications);
Weight: front ski - 4,5kg, back ski -3,6kg, total weight of set 12,5 kg;
Length – 1200 mm, width – 350mm;
Shock-absorbers working up and down;
Fast and easy fitting;
Can be fitted and used together with wheels / without wheels;
Front ski has additional insert, using ski without wheel on thick and light snow;
Every sky has small wheels on the bottom part, which allows using them on the snow or grass runway and taxi on the concrete.

 Skis for gyroplanes and light aircrafts