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Find all you can imagine about in the new miniLAK-FESL - Self-Launching Electric glider






1. LAK has over 45 years of experience in modern aviation history, the highest standards, and EASA certified products.

2. Combined Kevlar-Carbon cockpit construction.

3. Front Electric Motor with self-folding propeller blades:

a. No known reports any motor failures;

b. Many manufacturers have now started using the FES system due to its reliability and the resulting improvement in safety;

c. Even if the motor fails, one is still flying a highly efficient modern glider without any additional drag;

d. Wires, switches and other electric parts are supplied by the TOP manufacturers only;

e. One can fly away from dangerous areas such as: mountains, urban areas, forests or water;

f. Comprehensive training;

g. Efficient use of personal time; avoid waiting for a winch or a tow-plane;

h. Overfly areas with no lift, or shaded by overdeveloped clouds, continue flight without risking an out-landing, use your time to fly instead of waiting for your ground crew to arrive;

i. Very efficient hydraulic brakes.

4. Wingtips, nose and tail marked in red or orange for safety;


1. Forward opening canopy;

2. Side sliding window with ventilation scoop;

3. Excellent ventilation;

4. Self-designed instrument panel: Manufacturer provides possible shapes of the instrument panel and the owner makes their own design;

5. Pedals adjustable in flight, to change position of legs and body during long flights;

6. Seat-back adjustable in flight allows changes in one’s position during long flights;

7. Leather-covered handles feel cool in your hands;

8. Teflon skid for easy rigging of the main spar;

9. Comfortable water ballast filling system, simple covers on top of the wings;

10. Easily-removable instrument panel: combined in-one connection for all air lines; combined all in-one connection for all electric cables, entering the panel; antennas and ventilation control unit are easy to disconnect as well;

11. A back-up tail battery, which is always fully charged from the main FES batteries. It allows all instruments to work when the main batteries are out for re-charge.

12. Different color tubing for easy recognition of Static, Dynamic or Total energy lines.

13. Minimum maintenance on the electric motor: saves time and money.


1. The glider fits FAI 13,5 m Class requirements;

2. The best results in the First FAI 13,5m Class World Championship at Pociūnai 2015 among factory made gliders;

3. Big water ballast tanks allow flying with up to 50 kg/m² wing loading while competing in other classes;

4. Water ballast tank in the tail, which has separate drain valve, allows one to reach the best CG position as “you feel” it;

5. FES makes you independent;

6. All gaps, including landing gear doors are sealed: ready to compete;

7. Air extractor;

8. Wingtips-designed with the latest aerodynamic knowledge;

9. Distant separation and equal volume of the static line for pneumatic and electronic variometers for precise compensation (exactly the same length of pipe). This is very important in case of electronic compensation.


1. Landing gear position warning when opening the airbrakes;

2. Shock absorbing foam cushion;

3. Air inflatable back support pillow, in-flight adjustable to the desirable spine position-strongly recommended to improve your sports results;

4. Antenna for a transponder preinstalled in the fin;

5. Factory installed ELT;

6. Holes in the fin water ballast tank protects from overfilling the tank and CofG moving behind the limits;

7. LED strobe, low energy consumption;

8. Factory installed oxygen system;

9. Tinted canopy glass;

10. Air extractor;

11. Microphone in the instrument panel;

12. Choice of cushion materials, fitting the LAK standard shape or a customized shape:

a. Natural leather;

b. Artificial leather;

c. Fabric;

d. Sheep skin;

e. Latex;

f. Shock absorbing.

13. Sockets for a headset;

14. Installation of a CD or USB player;

15. Blue tooth devices.


1. Light and comfortable;

2. No sharp edges inside, no possibilities to scratch your glider surfaces nor your body;

3. Prolonged trail for the tail wheel;

4. Special belt to carry the tail. When you need to lift it, do it with no harm to your back;

5. Ventilation from the solar battery and/or backup battery with an outlet to an external energy source: 100-230 V;

6. Inside light.

great news from WGC 2015, Pociunai
the first World Championship in 13,5m class gliders

miniLAK flown by Vladas MOTŪZA wins task No.2


Latest winner
13,5 m Class
1. Vladas MOTŪZA 104.51 km/h
2. Stefano GHIORZO 103.79 km/h
3. Antoine HAVET 91.47 km/h
Updated: 04/08/2015 11:02

good luck for the future, VLADAI !!!

miniLAK - 13,5m. Maiden flight. Ready to compete in World Championship 2015 at Pociunai, Lithuania.


Adomas did 1020 km in his LAK-17B/18m-FES



MSC news — André Pépin, aglider pilot from the Montreal SoaringCouncil (MSC), a gliding club based inHawkes-bury, Ont., achieved on Friday April24th a stunning 1,050-kilometreflight.

After take-off from a small airportnear State College in Pennsylvania, wheresev- eral pilots of the Montreal SoaringCoun- cil are on a flying camp, André flewhis glider for nearly nine hours in thestrong updrafts created by a steady wind overthe ridges of the AlleghenyMountains.

Flying without engine at anaverage speedof120.5km/hhecoveredanon- stop distance which is the equivalent ofa round-trip between Montreal andToronto. After eight hours and 42 minutes offlight time, he landed at the same airportwhere he startedfrom.

“It was an incredible day at theridge,” André said. “I could not resiststopping sometimes in thermals averaging 800to 1,000 feet-per-minute climb rates. Itwas another day inparadise!”

The epic 1,050-kilometre flightwas only André’s third flight in his newglid- er, a LAK-17B FES 21m. It is a21-metre wingspan,high-performancesingle-seatglidermanufacturedinLithuaniaandthefirst of this type to be delivered in North America.

“We can say it was a real shake- down for the ship!” André said abouthis flight.

Gliders, or sailplanes as they aresome- times called, have no engine but stayaloft using rising air currents created byvari- ous weather phenomena. Heat fromthe sun creates thermals — bubbles ofrising warmer air. Glider pilots fly in tightcir- cles in these thermals to climb, much like eagles and hawks do. By flying fromthermal to thermal, pilots can sustaintheir flight for hours and cover hundredsof kilometers.

Soaring, as this form ofmotorless flight is called, is practiced in Canadaby almost 1,500 pilots. The sheer beautyof soaring and the challenge of findingand using rising air currents are what getmost glider pilots hooked on this unique sport.

André Pépin is anaccomplished glider pilot. Hestarted flying at age 17 and hasaccumu-lated more than 6,400 hoursin

58 types of gliders. In2014 André claimed the top spot in the Ontario and Quebecranking of the Online Soaring Contest, a decentralizedcompetitionrunvia the internet with dailyscor- ing based on GPS flightrecordings and in which gliderpilots from all over the worldparticipate.

Montreal Soaring Councilis one of the larger gliding clubsin Canada and flies since1957 from its home base airfieldin L’Orignal, a township near Hawkesbury, Ont. Thegliding club counts about 75active members and operatesalmost daily from May untilOctober.

Montreal Soaring Council isa non-profit organization andpro- vides initial and advancedglider pilot training for its members as well as introductory flightsto anyone interested inexperiencing the thrill of motorlessflight.


UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ dalyvavo specializuotoje aviacijos pramonės tarptautinėje parodoje „AERO 2015” 2015 m. balandžio 24 – 27 d. kartu su daugiau kaip 630 dalyvių iš 35 pasaulio šalių. Parodoje buvo buvo pristatomi orlaiviai, įskaitant sklandytuvus, ultralengvuosius orlaivius, lėktuvus, sraigtasparnius, turbopropelerinius ir verslo klasės reaktyvinius lėktuvus. Parodos plotas – virš 80.000 kv.m. Parodą aplankė daugiau kaip 33.000 lankytojų.


Tarptautinėje parodoje UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ dalyvavo individualiame 130 kv.m. stende FW-21, Foyer West salėje, tarptautinei rinkai buvo pristatytas naujas UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ gaminys – 15/18m. ir atviros klasės sklandytuvas LAK-17B FES.


Įmonės ekspozicija sulaukė didelio dėmesio, stende apsilankė apie 800 parodos lankytojų, su dalimi iš jų buvo užmegzti nauji potencialūs kontaktai, pasirašyta 1 nauja sklandytuvų gamybos sutartis, 2015-2016 m. planuojama pasirašyti dar 4 sutartis.


UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ dalyvavimas parodoje remiamas ES stuktūrinių fondų lėšomis.

31-10-2014 !!!
LAK-17B-FES got EASA Type Certificate


UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ dalyvavo Lenkijos tarptautinėje lengvosios aviacijos parodoje „Pararudniki 2014“. 2014 m. gegužės 17 – 18 dienomis parodoje buvo pristatomi Europos gamintojų lengvieji lėktuvai, sraigtasparniai, sklandytuvai, motorizuoti ir paprasti parasparniai, aviacinė, navigacinė ir kt. technika.


Lengvosios aviacijos parodoje UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ dalyvavo individualiame 119 kv.m. stende.


Parodos metu Europos ir Lenkijos rinkai buvo pristatytas UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ gaminys: 18 m. klasės sklandytuvas LAK-17B FES (18 m ilgio);

Įmonės ekspozicija sulaukė didelio dėmesio, stende apsilankė apie 500 parodos lankytojų, buvo užmegzta apie 20 naujų potencialių kontaktų, pasirašyta 1 sutartis sklandytuvo LAK-17BT gamybai, 2014 - 2015 m. planuojama pasirašyti 2 naujas sutartis.


UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ dalyvavimas parodoje remiamas ES struktūrinių fondų lėšomis


MAIDEN flight of the New LAK-17B-FES-21M

New modification of the LAK-17B-FES, was just tested in the Sky: 21 meter wings. Excellent performance, efficient ailerons and nice look. More pictures have been added to the Photo Gallery:)


LAK at
Pribina CUP 2014

Leszek Staryszak was second in Open Class at Pribina CUP 2014!!! Congratulations!!! Leszek was flying LAK19T/18m.

more info at :

February 2014

We just received official results of IDAFLIEG flight performance testings of LAK17A FES (with and without propeller blades), which were performed in August 2012 at Aalen, Germany! The results show a very small increase in aerodynamic drag due to the propeller blades in an expectable order.

- English version of document
- German version of document


The first LAK-19-FES
new generation of LAK-19 will start life in Australian sky


MINI LAK 13,5 m

Gliding International
Author Aldo Cernezzi


LAK-19/18M finished SECOND in

Open Slovenian Gliding Championship

Prievidza , Slovakia, 27/07/2013 - 04/08/2013


LAK 17B and 17BT received South African Type Certificate



Mini LAK 13,5 m was presented at AERO Friedreshafen 2013.

Maiden flight performed 06-05-2013 and the first impression is very promissing:)



Preworld In Leszno: LAK19/18 finished third in Open Class (pilot Witold Sheffner; Paweł Frąckowiak flew his LAK17BT and finished in the 10th place in Open Class.

Tomasz Krok flew LAK19 and took the fifth place in 15m class and Bogdan Dorożko finished in the 8th position.


UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ dalyvavo specializuotoje aviacijos pramonės tarptautinėje parodoje „AERO 2013” 2013 m. balandžio 24 – 27 d. kartu su daugiau kaip 600 dalyvių iš įvairių pasaulio šalių. Parodoje buvo pristatyta daugiau kaip 200 orlaivių, įskaitant sklandytuvus, ultralengvuosius orlaivius, lėktuvus, sraigtasparnius, turbopropelerinius ir verslo klasės reaktyvinius lėktuvus. Parodos plotas – virš
80.000 kv.m. Parodos metu įvyko vi100 tarptautinių konferencijų. Parodą aplankė 32600 lankytojų.


Tarptautinėje parodoje UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ dalyvavo individualiame 105 kv.m. stende FW-12, Foyer West salėje.

Parodos metu tarptautinei rinkai buvo pristatytas naujas UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ gaminys: ultra lengvos klasės sklandytuvas LAK-17B FES MINI (13,5 m ilgio sparnai)


Įmonės ekspozicija sulaukė didelio dėmesio, stende apsilankė apie 800 parodos lankytojų, su dalimi iš jų buvo užmegzti nauji potencialūs kontaktai, pasirašytos naujos sklandytuvų gamybos sutartys, tikimės, kad įmonės eksportas augs ir kitais metais, toliau dirbant su parodoje užmegztais kontaktais.


UAB „Sportinė aviacija ir Ko“ dalyvavimas parodoje remiamas ES struktūrinių fondų lėšomis.


Soaring magazine article "
LAK-17B FES Flight Impression"


Major Change Approval by EASA




0n the 7th of december 2012 it is 40 years anniversary of the first flight of BK-7, the first Lithuanian glider, made from composite materials. New era started in Lithuanian glider building industry.



Now you can design instrument panel yourself (.doc file):